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Creating software is similar with constructing a building.

Effective software development relies on skilled architects who strategically plan the placement of components, ensuring structural integrity.

The selection of inappropriate technology can be likened to installing an unsuitable automatic door at your home's entrance, potentially compromising security.

Accurate timeline overview
During our development process, at the end of each iteration of our product timeline, our customers are provided with insights and velocity metrics based on our results.
Trusted by well known established businesses, we took part in developing mission-critical applications with high availability to healthcare systems that were required to perform in relation to medical ISO certification.
Product monitoring & support
Part of our development plans, we provide security updates and patches for our developed products and servers setup, free of charge. However, if there's a need for active system monitoring, additional fees will apply.
Professional team
HungryBytes' core team members are professionals with extensive expertise in software development. We strive to have all projects incubated masterpieces of craftsmanship.
Acknowledged expertise
Part of our portfolio we mention World Health Organization, Igentify, SeedOn and Levi9 as great, significant organisations that trusted our expertise in handling their software development.

A few frequent questions

What is HungryBytes?

We are a team of software engineers and architects with expertise in the Teach Industry who got together to ensure that projects incubated are masterpieces of craftmanship and client satisfaction.

How do we start working on a product?

If you have a concept you'd like to discuss, please reach out to us via our contact form, email, or phone. We welcome the opportunity to meet and engage in a comprehensive discussion.

To facilitate our meeting and enhance our collaboration, we recommend preparing detailed information about your idea. If you're unsure about how to start, you can refer to our blog post on crafting a project brief for guidance.

Is a mobile application better than a web application?

Not necessarily and it depends on your business stage and needs. A mobile application offers proximity to the user and of course that it has its undeniable benefits.

For start-ups or early stage businesses, native mobile applications may not be the best option as they are best suited for solutions that already have an established web user base. People are often reluctant to install unknown applications. Our recommendation is to enter the market as soon as possible with a web based MVP, to try out your business if you are new into the market.

With medium to large businesses that have been around for quite some time now, it is totally different and going with a native mobile app is a safe bet. Going further with a native mobile application development is the best decision and your app is likely to enjoy strong user adoption.

What do I need before getting in touch with you?

The key consideration is defining your objectives: What are your goals, needs, and intended functionalities for the software?

Establishing a clear vision is imperative when commissioning a software application. It's essential to avoid investing months in development without a precise understanding of your requirements.

We're here to assist you in initiating this process; creating software solutions from the ground up is well within our expertise.

How long will it take to develop my solution?

First, we must get ready the project planning, its scope and budget for your needs. Then, we must understand your product requirements and their flexibility, as at some point during our development process, you may find that another functionality has a higher priority.

Therefore, during day one we can definitely unveil a high level estimation, while a month into the development process will provide us with a more accurate insight on the actual timeline. Based on our experience this usually comes with a 15% to 20% time difference.

How we approach the software development process?

We employ the Agile framework, tailoring our approach to either Scrum or Kanban based on the specific requirements of our clients.

When there's a need for a fixed budget and a tightly managed timeline, Scrum is the preferred choice, as it excels in these situations.

On the other hand, if your product demands a long-term, feature-centric development approach, Kanban is the ideal solution. This methodology enables teams to pinpoint areas within the development process that require additional resources, ensuring a smoother workflow.

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