We go beyond numbers, striving to turn every vision into reality through comprehensive consultancy services.
Dedication and innovation lies in our core beliefs. Through our main tech pillars, we make sure that any challenge that may arise is analysed and tackled by our tech leads.


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How we approach product development?

In collaboration with your needs, requirements, and plans, we leverage our expertise, extensive experience, and industry knowledge to craft yet another success story.

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Thanks to the invaluable contribution of HungryBytes, our envisioned web3 ecosystem materialized seamlessly.


Ever since the start of our collaboration with HungryBytes, their passion for tech and commitment stood out.

World Health Organization

World Health Organization - Eastern European division


Their proactive approach in resolving any challenges ensured a smooth collaboration.


Reliable, efficient and proactive company culture. Our collaboration resulted in several software solutions, with the end result always being aligned with our requirements.


We have had the pleasure of collaborating with HungryBytes by engaging with some of their highly skilled software engineers. Their technical proficiency is truly impressive, allowing them to deliver exceptional results.


This has been the best experience weโ€™ve had so far, working with Tech Tribe was just pure pleasure, 10/10 would do again!


This has been the best experience weโ€™ve had so far, working with HungryBytes was just pure pleasure, 10/10 would do again!


Their proactive approach in resolving any challenges ensured a smooth collaboration.


Throughout the collaboration, we successfully adhered to all delivery milestones and received insightful guidance on technical aspects that would align with our business needs.


Reliable, efficient and proactive company culture.

World Health Organization

World Health Organization - Eastern European division


HungryBytes has a team of top-notch professionals, working only with cutting-edge technologies.

World Health Organization

World Health Organization - Eastern European division


Reliable, efficient and proactive company culture.

World Health Organization

World Health Organization - Eastern European division

HungryBytes got together skillful engineers and architects to ensure that projects incubated are masterpieces of craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Company Core Vision

Maintaining consistent quality standards may be challenging when core members are not involved in the development process with regular supervising and feedback. Thus, we only practice a vertical scale on-demand culture.

Avoid and advice against wasteful practices.
Determine the optimal balance between cost and deliverables.
Agile development, product orientation and client satisfaction.

Innovative technology

We use the latest technologies and tools to ensure that our solutions are scalable, efficient, and secure. Even though we use the latest technologies, our culture is to learn on our own time, not experiment on the customer's budget.

Build tailored web applications to customer needs.
Build dApps or Web3 Smart Contracts.
Build custom AI app with OpenAI.

Bespoke software

Our main focus is to avoid the overdraft of our customer's balance sheet through unnecessary features or modules.

We always share our opinions and work on finding the best balance between functionality and development costs.

Frequently asked questions

We have highlighted some of the most asked questions. If you are in need for any other inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who are we?

We are a team of software engineers and architects with expertise in the Teach Industry who got together to ensure that projects incubated are masterpieces of craftmanship and client satisfaction.

What we do?

Simply put, we look beyond mere numbers and aim to transform our customer's vision into reality.

We do handle software development activities for MVPs and start-ups, but we have been engaged mostly in developing enterprise solutions.

How long does the software development process take?

It's challenging to provide a definitive answer to your question due to the wide range of project durations. Some projects can be completed within a matter of weeks, while others may extend over several years.

To offer a more accurate estimate, we need to assess both the complexity of the project and the scope of the work involved. Once we have a thorough understanding of these factors, we can provide you with a precise timeframe.

How much does the development cost?

In our organisation, we compensate our employees based on the technology employed and the expertise of the professionals engaged in the project. Book a call with us to further discuss about your project by contacting us.

How can Iย assess the product quality?

We operate in a condensed iteration model, continuously evaluating work outcomes while considering customer preferences and the response of the target audience.

This methodology enables us to deliver top-notch products within specified timelines, with an unwavering commitment to quality as our foremost priority.

Is product support available after the development process is done?

Absolutely, we take pride in offering ongoing technical support and maintaining the applications we've created.

Additionally, if you have a need to incorporate new features or integrate third-party services into your software product, we are well-equipped to facilitate those developments as well.

What if I will require more dev power for my product during the process?

If you desire to either scale back or intensify the project's workload intermittently, we are flexible and prepared to accommodate your requirements.

Should the need arise, we can readily engage additional team members to ensure we align with and meet your expectations.

How do we start working on a product?

If you have a concept you'd like to discuss, please reach out to us via our contact form, email, or phone. We welcome the opportunity to meet and engage in a comprehensive discussion.

To facilitate our meeting and enhance our collaboration, we recommend preparing detailed information about your idea. If you're unsure about how to start, you can refer to our blog post on crafting a project brief for guidance.

Native mobile or web application?

Not necessarily and it depends on your business stage and needs. A mobile application offers proximity to the user and of course that it has its undeniable benefits.

For start-ups or early stage businesses, native mobile applications may not be the best option as they are best suited for solutions that already have an established web user base. People are often reluctant to install unknown applications. Our recommendation is to enter the market as soon as possible with a web based MVP, to try out your business if you are new into the market.

With medium to large businesses that have been around for quite some time now, it is totally different and going with a native mobile app is a safe bet. Going further with a native mobile application development is the best decision and your app is likely to enjoy strong user adoption.

What doย Iย need before getting in touch?

The key consideration is defining your objectives: What are your goals, needs, and intended functionalities for the software?

Establishing a clear vision is imperative when commissioning a software application. It's essential to avoid investing months in development without a precise understanding of your requirements.

We're here to assist you in initiating this process; creating software solutions from the ground up is well within our expertise.

How long will the development take?

First, we must get ready the project planning, its scope and budget for your needs. Then, we must understand your product requirements and their flexibility, as at some point during our development process, you may find that another functionality has a higher priority.

Therefore, during day one we can definitely unveil a high level estimation, while a month into the development process will provide us with a more accurate insight on the actual timeline. Based on our experience this usually comes with a 15% to 20% time difference.

Industries we work with


Focus on providing innovative health industry solutions, that will have a positive impact on their specific sectors.


Our development initiatives aimed to collaborate with firms, either by augmenting their teams or to digitalise their businesses.


Build tailored software for the fintech industry, whether it's for the enterprise or DeFi.


Work on developing custom apps, tools or widgets for your needs by making use of AI.

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