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Here at HungryBytes, we know how important it is to support your local businesses. Therefore we created a platform dedicated to local businesses and their supporters alike.




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Supporting local businesses, now centralized

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The year 2020 showed us how important it is for local businesses and professionals to have their own platform. Even if their budget doesn’t allow it at the moment, sellers still need a place to offer their products and services online, get reviews and recommendations, have a bit of access to data to know how their business is going.

On the other hand, we noticed how people’s attention shifted towards buying and supporting local businesses as well. Even though features like Marketplace on Facebook and Instagram exist, the items uploaded there cannot be filtered, ratings cannot be offered. Moreover, the businesses putting out listings don’t have a centralized place where they can analyze how their business is going: which product/service is most popular, their reviews, and other information that will help them make better business decisions and/or improvements.

That’s when Localist came to life, a platform dedicated to local businesses and professionals, as well as for people looking to support and buy local. The platform was developed with both types of users in mind: the seller and the buyer, so the functionalities for each type of account were carefully created to match the specific needs.

Local businesses get to manage their own pages, add their products/services and details such as phone number, address, or social media accounts. They also have a dedicated section where they can analyze how their page is going weekly: compare the number of page visits, number of positive/negative feedback received, their rating, number of liked products. They can also see some examples of other business pages similar to them, and how they’re doing compared to these pages.Each product/service listed is filtered and verified by a HungryBytes employee, assuring that there are enough details, correct phone numbers, accurate descriptions, no offensive listings, and so on.This way we ensure the customers’ safety while facilitating the performance of a possible listing.

People that are seeking to buy local can sort the product/services they look for based on popularity, relevance, newest, oldest, maximum price, minimum price, and location. Making it easier for them to find products that match their needs. If they’ve tried/tested/requested that type of service before, local customers can offer reviews, ratings on each listing and on the local businesses pages as well, making it easier for potential customers in their research. Once they find the listing they’ve been looking for, customers can add it to a list and they contact the seller to place an order or to request more details.

Step-by-step functionalities

Once you log into the platform, you can pick the view you need. As a business owner, you can pick the business portal to start creating your business’ page. Pick a username, add your phone number, location, description, price range, add a profile picture, social media pages, your domain of activity.You can also add any relevant certifications in case your industry requires it.

Once you’re done, you can start listing your products/services. Everything uploaded on a seller’s page is filtered through the back-end, and they will be approved/declined in a maximum of 24 hours. Once they are approved, you can start checking your page’s performance by going to the “Page performance” tab. There, you can see how many people visited your page, which product was the most viewed, the number of positive/negative reviews.You can also edit your page details or services/products if you need to and check your messages.

As a customer, once you create your profile, you can start surfing and searching for the products/services you need. You can save or like a service/product or business by adding it to your favorites or a shopping list.
You can sort everything based on category, location, price range, or popularity. Once you add the products you wish to buy, you can contact the seller via message or by calling. Moreover, if you need any additional details, you have the option to do so. Even if the platform doesn’t have the option to buy directly from the website yet, it serves as the bridge between local sellers and buyers, facilitating the page administration for the former, and browsing for the latter.

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