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In short

SeedOn is a blockchain-based solution whose goal is to revolutionize conventional crowdfunding, aiming to provide traceability and transparency to all stakeholders, so that they have full control of their investments at all times. This all arose from the idea of having a decentralized environment where securities transactions can be facilitated in a transparent manner so that all investments and raised capital operations are traceable and visible to all network users. Having built a platform that promotes transparency and trust will attract investors so that it will encourage them to prefer our solution for investments over the competition.




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SeedOn is the world’s first blockchain based crowdfunding platform, merging for the first time the benefits of a Web2 funding portal and the Web3 blockchain technology. As for conventional crowdfunding platforms, a funding portal is usually raising funds for a campaign. 

If the campaign is successful, then the whole amount of funds raised will be sent to the entrepreneurs to then start their journey, otherwise backers will get a reimbursement. In the case of a successful fundraising, once the funds have been sent to the entrepreneurs, the rest is completely unknown. 

Thus, with SeedOn, since it is based on the blockchain, all investment transactions are traceable and visible in the blockchain by all network participants, and all of the capital infusions made to start-ups can be tracked as well. 

Products developed for SeedOn

SeedOn is currently offering B2B and B2C products as well such as a Wallet, Staking, Vesting, Swap, Crypto On-Ramp through SeedOn Finance available at The core product consists in the blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, through which people could back conventional start-ups with cryptocurrencies. The platform's campaigns have been available at

The platform provides an innovative ecosystem as a new approach to conventional crowdfunding platforms, by promoting 3 core values: trust, transparency, and cyber-security. By making use of these values, SeedOn's aim was to minimize investment risks and promote transaction transparency.

SeedOn's main goal was to solve the current challenges and reduce fraud when it comes to backing an idea or project being proposed by a new startup or existing company. Thus, in order to remove uncertainty and increase awareness of how the capital is being raised and sent to entrepreneurs all investment transactions were publicly available to all network participants.

A better way to invest in startups. Membership beyond borders.

Bringing the whole product to life

The idea of SeedOn has appeared around April 2021 when it was first incubated and discussed internally by the team. Following up in October 2021, the idea has first seen the day light by making publicly available the website, white paper and social media accounts. That's when the word about SeedOn has begun to spread around. After successfully conducting a fundraise for the platform by having a token pre-sale to interested users that they could later on use to access the platform, SeedOn has finally released its crowdfunding platform in April 2023 after a lot of legal roadblocks and turbulences targeting the crypto industry.

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