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The goal of the application was to provide a communication tool for medical workers, which facilitate conversations on sensitive topics between doctors and patients. Working closely with WHO staff, we have defined a series of conversational flows from addictions to COVID-19 that would help medical workers get the best out of their consultations.


World Health Organization


UX/UI Design

XD Prototype

Product planning and requirements definitions

Development of a native mobile application

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HungryBytes helped the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop a new tool for medical workers, which will facilitate conversations on sensitive subjects between doctors and patients. Since February 2021, we have had an ongoing partnership with the opportunity to contribute to various applications.

Meeting the Client

A year to remember, an organisation that cares

The year 2020 reminded us, once again, how unique and different our perspectives and reactions are to a subject. Even if we begin to approach a post-covid era, our health workers still need all of our support when it comes to these perspectives.

Therefore, our client, WHO (World Health Organization) decided to create a tool that would come in handy for healthcare professionals that wish to build trust with their patients. The tool will have upcoming modules in the future, such as mental health, pregnancy care, smoking, alcohol cessation, and more. They chose us as a reliable software development partner, and the end product was created.

AGILE teams to ensure high-quality product

We are an AGILE company, therefore we could offer our client better control over the project, ensuring transparency, feedback sessions, and quality-control features constantly. We respected the SCRUM pattern and along with the weekly feedback and demo sessions, followed by outlining the next steps and improvements.

Furthermore, our experience in the past made us respect each and every Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) phase, no matter the timing or the complexity. From gathering the requirements and analyzing the needs to design, implementation, testing, and deployment, we went through each phase, keeping a constant feedback loop with our client.

USERFLOWS - Interactive prototyping

We had to create an interface as intuitive as possible for our users, and present the app in an effortless way so health workers will feel encouraged to use it. Creating prototypes, and gaining the approval of it from our client, helped us bring the idea to life. And due to our team’s experience, we managed to develop the application just in time to offer health workers an instrument to gain the patient’s trust and open the conversation in a friendly manner.

React Native - Supporting our healthcare workers

By using React Native, we offered a cost-effective solution with modular architecture and a simplified user interface. That solution was a mobile app that supports healthcare workers in their daily work, developed by us in collaboration with a family doctor. Its purpose is to support health workers in facilitating structured, informative, and collaborative conversations with patients. The app aims to increase confidence, trust, and support between doctors and patients. We chose react native for the development of LENA for various reasons

Cost effectiveness
If costs are something you tend to worry about, we got you! Due to having a dedicated development team, you can save on many different areas such as: office space hiring, training and onboarding.

Control over your project
We continuously keep in touch with you throughout each of the development stages. We're always making sure that our product matches your vision and your needs.

We can focus exclusively on your project, while you get to focus on other areas of your business. We're not limited to locations or time-zones. We can easily adapt to your business needs.

Additional support and service
Even after our collaboration, we will offer you assistance after the website goes live. As we previously stated, we're offering you all the support you need throughout your digital journey.

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